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10-07-2020Wine distribution

Alcohol and wine sales via ecommerce were opened up on 1 June 2020 after 66 days of an alcohol ban during Lockdown level 4 and 5. Online orders continued during lockdown with the anticipation of delivery within a week of the ban being lifted and along with new sales that exploded immediately after this announcement by the South African Government, this situation almost immediately resulted in unprecedented volumes which required couriers to instantly increase infrastructure and labour to accommodate the volumes.

 Unfortunately the flood or orders directly impacted the ability to perform at regular delivery levels and created an extensive backlog in all systems despite market research and planning throughout May in anticipation of increased volumes. 

Seabourne Express has been delivering wine nationwide for almost 10 years & are considered specialists in the industry, moving some of the most highly regarded & sought after wines across the planet. June 2020 will be remembered as one of the most challenging times in Seabourne’s history as we fought 24 hours, 7 days a week in an attempt and meet our customers expectations and achieve deliveries.”




23-03-2020Corona - Virus

Nous souhaitons vous informer à date et vous rassurer sur le fait que nous continuons notre activité (livraison et collecte) et ce pour les prochaines semaines.


Nous sommes ainsi une entreprise de service d'intérêt public, prioritaire pour que l'économie se poursuive à minima. 


La priorité est donnée sur la santé de nos collaborateurs et sous traitants, et nous faisons évoluer au quotidien nos process pour limiter la propagation du virus : télétravail à 100% pour les commerciaux et les services support, respect strict des gestes barrière dans les agences et en livraison (ce matin 6000 masques distribués en plus du gel et des gants), évolution des process de livraison avec abandon de la signature sur le PSM et déploiement dès demain de la photo pour les livraisons aux particuliers.... 


Je vous remercie de votre confiance au quotidien!


02-04-2015Seabourne Group - Press Release

Seabourne Group are delighted to announce the latest addition to the Group’s portfolio. Today, Custom Threads 2015 Limited, set up as a 100% owned Group subsidiary, acquired the goodwill and certain assets of an existing embroidery and clothing printing business in Basingstoke. A strategic addition to the Group’s range of services, it dovetails with the Supply Chain & Solutions services we provide and will enable Seabourne to offer to the clothing sector, additional bespoke services over and above the basic storage requirements.

In making the acquisition, Seabourne welcomes Bob Bailey to the Group. Bob has many years of experience within the industry and is looking forward to the opportunities afforded by the Group to develop the client base and increase the services offered.


01-04-2015European 3pl with fiscal representation

To store and distribute your goods in the EU, Limited Fiscal Representation is easy and compliant to implement. No VAT registration or invoicing is needed so that you can realise a liquidity and cost advantage in you supply chain. Seabourne Group developed in cooperation with MACO an animation video to explain the fiscal representation. Check out this video, click here. 


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